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Return of the Slink

By Hazelle Brown

November 16, 2021

           The release of new mesh head and bodies have become, almost, a biweekly occurrence. With the wide selection of mesh heads, bodies, and skins now available, long gone are the days of singular-looking avatars. However, the one thing that has been missing over the last year is any significant product release from one-time mesh body and head goliath Slink.

Long-time slink loyalists have been left to ask if the era of Skink is over. In august of this year, the slink camp started to release teasers for a new body that was in the works called Cinnamon & Chai. Informing their followers, it had taken them a year to produce. Dropping occasional updates thereafter Slink sought to build anticipation for the new bodies which are set to be released tonight, November 16, 2021, at 7 pm SLT. I’m an announcement delivered to the Slink in-world group read as follows:

Greetings Slinkies!!

Cinnamon and Chai are LESS THAN 24 hours away! If you haven't seen the announcements already, well this notice is for you!

The new store will be opening at 7pm SLT on the 16th of November.

If you are interested in the release and further development of these bodies, and creations that are released for them, please join the Cinnamon & Chai Group inworld. When the new store opens, there will be a subscriber kiosk available if you don't want to use up a group slot :)


If you have not yet, please go and have a browse around the new website -

for all the info you could possibly want, and probably some info you didn't even know you wanted, but now that you have it, how could you not?

Cinnamon and Chai are a new mesh body system for SL women and folk who want to present as women. Cinnamon has a completely new and custom UV to give you the most flawless skin possible, and Chai is a blend of custom UV and SLUV.

These bodies have an innovative animation system for the feet which greatly reduces the amount of extra mesh and scripts that we must carry around, as we no longer have to worry about static foot poses. The animations take care of that for us!

Creator kits have been sent out, and compatible creations are starting to be listed on the new Cinnamon & Chai Creations flickr pool. I recommend you check it out for yourself. More and more are added every day.

Another notice with a landmark will be sent when the store is open! Watch this space :)

♥ Your Dancing Vanilla Bean


I am always happy to see more options, but did Slink stay away too long? Will they be able to regain their following and former glory? Only time will tell.